Worship News

Worship News

Tales of the Frozen Chosen

“Here it comes…” Fr. Bonney whispered to me out the side of his mouth.  We were standing in front of McDonald’s drive thru line at the shopping center.   During the previous two weeks, he had phoned every “big box store” in Cherry Hill, asking them for permission to use their[…]

When The Unexpected Happens

On Ash Wednesday after the 6:30 a.m. service at the church, Beth Walton, Blake Downey, and I took a walk to administer ashes to the workers at the bus stop near the church. It became clear to us after some time that we had missed the rush hour traffic. Beth[…]

Radical Love

Radical Love is going that extra mile when all the sinews in your body are so tensed that they create a resistance against taking that extra mile. Radical love is about persevering when there is no hope in sight. It is about being vulnerable when that is likely to hurt[…]